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Eat n Park Menu With Prices

Discover the world of Eat’n Park, a privately held restaurant chain serving up American favorites since 1949. From appetizers and salads to burgers, sandwiches, and those iconic Smiley Cookies – they’ve got something to satisfy every craving. Explore the Eat n Park menu with prices to find your next meal!

Eat’n Park is known for its cheerful Smiley Cookies and “the place for smiles” motto. Their focus on fresh food and friendly service has made them a beloved regional institution.

Whether you’re dining in or want the comfort of home, Eat’n Park has you covered! Enjoy both delivery and takeout services – simply download the “Eat’n Park” app (for iOS) and order everything you desire. Need takeout? Check out the Eat n Park takeout menu with prices for hassle-free ordering.

Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1949, Eat’n Park (originally part of the Big Boy chain) quickly gained a loyal following. They’ve earned recognition, including the American Culinary Federation’s Achievement of Excellence Award.

Eat’n Park, led by CEO Jeff Broadhurst, continues to offer delicious food and heartwarming smiles. Find an Eat’n Park near you in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia – simply search for the Eat n Park menu with prices for local hours and information.

Ready to try those famous Smiley Cookies or something savory? Browse the Eat’n Park price menu and head to your nearest location or order via their app. Get ready for satisfying food and friendly service.

Eat n Park Menu With Prices

There is the Menu prices of Eat’n Park below but if you also want to see the prices of Great American Bagel :


Loaded Tots with Bacon$5.99
Tater Tots$5.00
Pretzel Sticks$5.99
Basket of Loaded Fries$5.99
Fried Cheese Sticks$5.99
Hand-Breaded Zucchini$6.49
Fresh Potato Chips & Ranch$5.00


Chicken Portobello Salad$10.99
Chef’s Cobb Salad$10.99
Chicken Bruschetta Salad$10.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad$10.99
Classic Eat’n Park Salad$10.99

Burgers (Superburgers)

Original Superburger1 Side – $6.992 Sides – $8.99
Black Angus Superburger1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.99
Superburger Meal Deal$6.99

Black Angus Burgers

American Grill Burger1 Side – $9.492 Sides – $10.99
Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger1 Side – $9.492 Sides – $10.99
Classic Burger (No Cheese)1 Side – $7.992 Sides – $9.49
Cheeseburger1 Side – $8.492 Sides – $9.99
Bacon Cheeseburger1 Side – $9.492 Sides – $10.99

Vegetarian Burgers

Eat’n Park Beyond Burger1 Side – $11.992 Sides – $13.49
Gardenburger1 Side – $8.992 Sides – $10.49

Sandwiches (Signature Sandwiches)

Meatball Hoagie1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49
Chicken Portobello Hoagie1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49
Santa Fe Turkey Wrap1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49
Whale of a Cod Fish Sandwich1 Side – $10.492 Sides – $11.99
Turkey Bacon Croissant1 Side – $9.492 Sides – $10.99
Bacon Grilled Cheese1 Side – $8.992 Sides – $10.49
Buffalo Chicken Wrap1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49
Philly Cheesesteak1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49

Classic Sandwiches

Chicken Bacon Club1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich1 Side – $8.492 Sides – $9.99
Classic Grilled Cheese1 Side – $6.992 Sides – $8.49
Shredded Pot Roast Sandwich1 Side – $8.992 Sides – $10.49
Turkey Club1 Side – $9.992 Sides – $11.49

Family Meal Deals (Meal Deals For Two)

Whale of a Cod Meal Deal$21.99
Chicken Tenders Meal Deal$17.99
Fried Chicken Meal Deal$24.99

Meal Deals For Four

Turkey Family Meal Deal$39.99
Turkey Family Meal Deal And Pie$45.99
Grilled Chicken Meal Deal$34.99
Herb Crusted Chicken Meal Deal$34.99
Rosemary Chicken Meal Deal$34.99
Chicken Bruschetta Meal Deal$34.99

Family Sized Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders10 Chicken Tenders – $12.9920 Chicken Tenders – $24.9930 Chicken Tenders – $34.9940 Chicken Tenders – $44.99

Dinners (Seafood)

Whale & Mac$10.49
Whale of a Cod Dinner$11.99
Nantucket Cod1 Piece – $10.992 Pieces – $13.99
Baked Cod1 Piece – $10.492 Pieces – $13.49

Signature Shrimp Pairings

Fisherman’s Platter$13.99
Breaded Shrimp Dinner6 Shrimp – $10.999 Shrimp – $13.99

Italian Classics

Spaghetti and Meatballs$11.99
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo$12.99
Baked Chicken Parmigiana$12.99

Chicken & Turkey

Turkey Dinner$11.99
Chicken Bruschetta1 Piece – $10.992 Pieces – $13.99
Rosemary Chicken1 Piece – $10.992 Pieces – $13.99
Herb Crusted Chicken1 Piece – $9.992 Pieces – $12.99
Grilled Chicken1 Piece – $9.992 Pieces – $12.99
Chicken Tenders4 Tenders – $10.995 Tenders – $11.99
Fried Chicken$13.99
Ground Sirloin$10.99

Eat n Park Breakfast Menu and Prices (Breakfast Smiles)

Eat n Park Breakfast Menu and Prices
Image credit : Eat’n Park
Ground Sirloin and Eggs Smile$9.99
Griddle Smile$7.99
Super Griddle Smile$8.99
Original Breakfast Smile$7.99


Philly Steak’n Egg Scrambler1 Side – $8.491 Side + Meat – $10.49
All-American Scrambler1 Side – $7.991 Side + Meat – $9.99
French Scrambler1 Side – $7.991 Side + Meat – $9.99

Eggs And More

Mushroom & Swiss Omelet1 Side – $9.991 Side + Meat – $11.99
Broccoli & Cheese Omelet1 Side – $9.991 Side + Meat – $11.99
Meat Lover’s Omelet1 Side – $9.991 Side + Meat – $11.99
Western Omelet1 Side – $9.491 Side + Meat – $11.49
Veggie Omelet1 Side – $8.991 Side + Meat – $10.99
Cheese Omelet1 Side – $8.491 Side + Meat – $10.49
Ham & Cheese Omelet1 Side – $9.991 Side + Meat – $11.99
Eggs Benedict1 Side – $8.991 Side + Meat – $10.99


Blueberry Pancakes2 Pancakes – $4.993 Pancakes – $5.99
Buttermilk Pancakes2 Pancakes – $3.993 Pancakes – $4.99


Smiley Belgian Waffle$5.99

French Toast

Bananas Foster French Toast2 Slices – $5.993 Slices – $6.99
French Toast2 Slices – $3.993 Slices – $4.99


Eggs Breakfast$4.99
Breakfast Combo$4.99
Quaker Oatmeal & Fruit Combo$4.99
Eat n Park Menu With Prices

A La Carte

Side of Toast (2 slices)$1.99
Side of Bacon$2.99
Side of Canadian Bacon$2.99
Side of Sausage$2.99
Side of Turkey Sausage$2.99

Kids (Lunch & Dinner)

Kids’ Hamburger1 Side – $2.992 Sides – $3.99
Kids’ Cheeseburger1 Side – $3.992 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Classic Grilled Cheese1 Side – $2.992 Sides – $3.99
Kids’ Spaghetti1 Side – $3.992 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Chicken Fingers (2 piece)1 Side – $3.992 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Kraft Macaroni & Cheese1 Side – $3.992 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Stuffed-Crust Pizza1 Side – $3.992 Sides – $4.99


Kids’ Breakfast Smile Jr.$2.99
Kids’ Breakfast Giggle$2.99


Kids’ Fountain Drink$0.99
Kids’ Iced Tea$0.99
Kids’ Milk$1.49
Kids’ Juice$1.49
Kids’ Classic Milkshake$2.99
Kids’ Oreo Milkshake$2.99
Kids’ Pumpkin Pie Milkshake$2.99
Kids’ Strawberry Lemonade$1.29
Kids’ Hot Chocolate$1.49


Fountain Drink$2.00
Iced Tea$2.00
Hot Tea$2.00
Classic Hot Chocolate$2.99
Pumpkin Chai Tea$2.99
Pumpkin Pie Milkshake$4.49
Classic Milkshake$4.49
Oreo Milkshake$4.49
Apple Juice$2.99
Cranberry Juice$2.99
Orange Juice$2.99
White Milk$2.99
Chocolate Milk$2.99
Chai Tea$2.99
Strawberry Lemonade$2.99


Tater Tots$2.49
Baked Potato$2.49
Cottage Cheese$2.49
French Fries$2.49
Fresh Broccoli$2.49
Fresh Potato Chips$2.49
Fruit Cup$2.49
Fried Cheese Sticks$2.49
Garden Rice$2.49
Garden Side Salad$3.29
Home Fries$2.49
Mashed Potatoes$2.49
Mini Potato Pancakes$2.49
Onion Rings$3.49
Fresh-Cut FruitPint – $4.99Quart – $7.99
Mac’n CheesePint – $6.99Quart – $12.99
ColeslawPint – $4.99Quart – $7.99
Mashed PotatoesPint – $5.99Quart – $8.99


ChiliCup – $3.29Bowl – $4.29Quart – $7.49
SoupCup – $3.29Bowl – $4.29Quart – $7.49


Grilled Stickies a la mode$4.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookies1 Cookie – $0.996 Cookies – $4.99
The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® Pumpkin Cheesecake$5.49
Slice of Dutch Apple Pie$3.49
Slice of Pumpkin Pie$3.49
Slice of Oreo® Créme Pie$3.49
Slice of Coconut Crème Pie$3.49

Disclaimer: MENU PRICING PRO compiles real pricing data from diverse sources, including official websites, business platforms, and more. The prices provided here may originate from multiple resources and might not reflect current rates when you visit. Prices may also vary among different locations of the same brand. For up-to-date pricing, please contact the specific business location you’re interested in.

Eat n Park Contact Information

Here is the contact information of Eat’n Park below :

Eat’n Park AddressN/A
Eat’n Park Phone NumberN/A
Eat’n Park Contact FormFill Here

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Final Words

Now that you’ve explored the Eat n Park menu with prices, you’re ready for satisfying meals at home! From classic diner favorites to their signature Smiley Cookies, they have something to please everyone. Don’t forget the convenience of their app for fast and easy ordering. Whether you need a speedy lunch or a relaxing family dinner, Eat’n Park takeout delivers the flavor and flexibility you crave. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Eat’n Park favorites today.


Q: Does Eat’n Park offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

A: Yes! Eat’n Park has an extensive menu featuring breakfast favorites, classic lunch items, satisfying dinners, and of course, their famous Smiley Cookies.

Q: Can I order Eat’n Park for takeout or delivery?

A: Absolutely! Eat’n Park offers both convenient takeout and delivery services. You can easily order through their mobile app or website.

Q:  Where can I find the Eat n Park menu with prices?

Check out Eat’n Park menu comprehensive guide to the Eat n Park menu with prices. You can also find menu information on the official Eat’n Park website.

Q: Are there any vegetarian or vegan options at Eat’n Park?

A: You can confirm availability when ordering or by checking their menu online.

Q: What are Eat’n Park’s operating hours?

A: Operating hours can vary by location. Check the Eat’n Park website or app to find the hours for your nearest restaurant.

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