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Shipley Do-Nuts Menu With Prices

Shipley Do-Nuts Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

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Shipley Do-Nuts Menu With Prices

If you’re a true lover of donuts, then you’re in for a treat! Shipley Do-Nuts, a privately held American doughnut company and coffeehouse chain, has been delighting customers with its mouthwatering menu since 1936. In this article, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through the Shipley Do-Nuts menu, including their prices for Octuber 2023, and share some interesting tidbits about this beloved establishment.

A Delicious History

Shipley Do-Nuts owes its delectable legacy to its founder, Lawrence Shipley. In 1936, he opened the very first Shipley Do-Nuts store in Houston, Texas, setting the stage for a sweet sensation that would captivate taste buds across the nation. Over the years, Shipley Do-Nuts has become synonymous with hot, fresh, and glazed donuts that leave customers craving for more.

The Shipley Do-Nuts Menu with Prices

Here is the Shipley Do-Nuts menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Shipley Do-Nuts Menu With Prices


Sausage & Cheese Kolache$2.21
 Sausage & Cheese$2.32
 Sausage Cheese$2.18
 Big Earl Sausage and Cheese$3.08
Sausage with Cheese$2.24
Plain Sausage Kolache$2.12
Sausage, Jalapeno & Cheese$2.42
Sausage, Jalapeño, Cheese$2.31
Ham & Cheese Kolache$2.18
Ham & Cheese$2.26
Plain Sausage$2.38
Big Earl$2.53
 Boudin Kolache$2.56
Big Earl Jalapeño$2.64


Sausage Kolache$2.37
Glazed Donut$1.05
1 Dozen Random Do-Nuts$11.01
Iced of Filled Donut$1.19
Dozen Iced of Filled Donut$10.84
Do-Nut Holes$2.07
Dozen Donut Holes Glazed$1.99
Sprinkles Do-Nut Holes$1.13
Chocolate Glazed Donut$1.10
Dozen Glazed Donuts$10.07
Big Earl Sausage, Jalapeño & Cheese$3.10
Shipley Do-Nuts Menu With Prices




Glazed Donuts$1.87
Iced Donut$1.02
Mixed Dozen$7.93
Donut Holes$2.07
Iced Donuts$1.10
Filled Donuts$1.91

Specialty Items & Rolls (Mixed variety)

Bear Claw Roll$1.87
Iced Nut Cinnamon Roll$1.87
Apple Fritter$1.99


1 Dozen Do-Nuts Random Assorted$22.26
Butterfly Rolls$2.02
Bear Claws$1.97
Cinnamon Twists$2.03
Old Fashion Cinn. Rolls$2.01
Cream Cheese Roll$2.01
Iced Nut Roll$2.12
Mini Cinnamon Roll$1.49
Cheese Danish Roll Hoffy Twist$2.01


Jalapeño Kolache$2.19

Assorted Pastries and Rolls

Chocolate Twist$1.84

Iced Donuts

Chocolate Iced$1.25
White Iced$1.20
Maple Iced$1.23
Cherry Iced$1.23
Strawberry Iced$1.23
Coconut Iced$1.28
Plain Sugar$1.12
Chocolate Iced Nut$1.22
Cinnamon Sugar$1.12
Sugar white$1.19
Oreo Cookie Donut$1.29

Yeast-Raised Do-Nuts

Chocolate Glazed$1.14
Half-Dozen Original Glazed$5.74
Dozen Mixed Do-nuts$12.83
Dozen Original Glazed$10.49
Shipley Do-Nuts Menu With Prices


Long Johns$2.26
Long John$2.08
Cinnamon Sugar Twist$2.08

Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee$1.69
French Vanilla Cappuccino$1.97


Premium Blend Coffee$1.58

Assorted Rolls

Cinnamon Roll$2.05
Cinnamon Rolls$1.91
Apple Fritters$1.96
Butterfly Roll$1.96
Cinnamon Twist$1.92
Filled Bar$2.01
Bear Claw$2.02
Filled Bars$1.95
Old Fashion Cinnamon Roll$2.04

Cake Do-Nuts

1 Dozen Cake Do-Nuts$11.01
Glazed Buttermilk Cake$1.07
Plain Buttermilk Cake$1.10
Plain Blueberry Cake$1.08
Glazed Blueberry Cake$1.02

Savory Kolaches

Sausage & cheese jalapeno$1.79
Big Earl Kolache$3.15

Cake Donuts

Plain Cake$1.24
Cake Donuts$2.10
Buttermilk Cake$1.22
Dozen Cake Donuts$9.69
Blueberry Cake$1.23
Glazed Cake$1.25
Buttermilk Cake Glazed$1.25
Chocolate Iced Nut Cake$1.25
Chocolate Iced Cake$1.18
Plain Sugar Cake$1.25
Cinnamon Sugar Cake$1.25
White Iced Cake$1.25
Blueberry Cake Glazed$1.29
Chocolate Cake$1.25


 Chocolate Iced Donut$1.25

Cold Beverages

Mocha Frappuccino$3.19
Red Bull$3.44

Filled Donuts

Strawberry Filled$1.21
Lemon Filled$1.21
Raspberry Filled$1.21
Blueberry Filled$1.21
Apple Filled$1.21
Cherry Filled$1.21
Bavarian Filled$1.26
Chocolate Filled$1.21
Cream Filled$1.19
White Cream Filled$1.25
Boston Cream$1.57
Chocolate Cream Filled$1.21


Whole Milk$1.68
2% Milk$2.20

Soft Drinks

Diet Dr. Pepper$2.17
Dr. Pepper$2.13


Small Coffee$1.69
Small Milk$1.42
Hot Chocolate$2.02
Iced Coffee$2.94
Energy Drinks$12.98
Bottled Water$1.85
Borden Orange Juice$1.44
Regular Coffee$1.39
Travel Mug$5.12
Soft Drinks$1.64
Apple Juice$2.45
Bottled Soda$2.46
Bottled Beverages$1.52
Diet Pepsi$1.35
Chocolate Milk$1.72
Sierra Mist$1.35
Monster Energy$3.94
Starbucks Frappuccino$3.21
Monster Energy Drink$3.78
Coffee To Go$22.37
Dr Pepper$1.98

Rolls and Filled Bars

Bavarian Cream Filled Bar$2.19
Tiger Tail$2.12
White Cream Filled Bar$2.19
Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll$2.21
 Hoffy Twist$2.79

Specialty Items and Rolls


Assorted Pastries / Rolls

Half-Dozen Pastries$11.62
Cinnamon Glazed Twist$2.14

Hot Beverages

Vanilla Latte$3.62


To-Go Coffee Container$24.99
Vanilla Cappuccino$2.08
Iced Coffee Mocha or French Vanilla$2.45
Fountain Drink$1.48
Large Strawberry Milk$2.45
Orange Juice$1.91
Milk Regular and Chocolate$1.79
Bottle Water$1.69
Diet Coke$2.06
Fountain Drinks$1.59

Coffee Cakes

(Minimum 1 dozen mix & match varieties)

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake$29.95


Minute Maid Apple Juice$2.42
 Sunny D$1.77

Glazed Donuts, Donut Holes, and Beignets

Iced Bites$3.29

Shipley Do-Nuts is not just a place to enjoy delicious donuts; it’s a testament to a sweet legacy that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time visitor, Shipley Do-Nuts welcomes you to indulge in their delightful menu.

So, if you’re craving a taste of nostalgia or seeking to explore exciting new flavors, make a pit stop at Shipley Do-Nuts with prices. And remember, the menu is not just about donuts; it’s about creating moments of pure joy with each bite. If you want to know about Bojangles Menu With Prices then please visit our website for more menu prices like this.


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I am the founder of, where I combine my passion for food with my expertise in computer science. My journey began with a simple idea: to create a platform that helps people discover menu prices of various eateries, from high-end restaurants to budget-friendly spots, worldwide.

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